Buy VS Build

Advantages to Building a New Home

There’s no better time than now to build a new home! Interest rates and material prices are near historic lows, and new technology is near an all time high. In addition, new homes have other numerous advantages:

Low Maintenance Costs: New homes come with everything new, which means fewer repairs on items such as appliances, hardwoods, carpet, and siding.

Warranties: All HBA members offer a one-year warranty. Many builders also offer insurance- backed structural warranties for ten years.

Home-Site Selection: Prospective buyers can choose a piece of land and build a house to suit their needs. Many of today’s subdivisions focus on the amenities that homeowners can enjoy after their home is built. Conservancy subdivisions are on the rise, and homeowners appreciate the exposure options that are created when the developer works with the existing terrain and protects existing mature treelines. Walking trails and open space inspire a sense of community.

Amenities: New homes usually include built-in appliances, central air conditioning and heating systems, more electrical outlets, and many more amenities.

Options: As a new home buyer, not only can you choose from hundreds of floor plans to find a home that matches your lifestyle, but you can also pick everything from the color of your siding to the hardware on your cabinets. Take the extra step to build a new home that fulfills all your living desires. There are houses on the market that are equally priced to building a new home; however, you don’t have the opportunity to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle.

Special Features: From gourmet kitchens to mud rooms, luxurious bathrooms, home theaters and more, if a buyer can dream it, a builder can build it. Look for natural products to be incorporated into today’s homes. Walls of windows bring in plenty of natural light, soaring ceilings create an illusion of space, and low-maintenance materials help to keep homes looking great.

Energy Efficiency: New homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. This benefits the environment, your health, and your wallet. New homes are increasingly energy- efficient and are constructed with resource conserving materials and techniques to save consumers money, protect the environment, and conserve valuable resources. Check out GREEN BUILT® Arkansas for more information on green building and development.

Safety Features: New fire-resistant construction materials, such as better electrical wiring and fire-resistant drywall products, mean less chance of a dangerous electrical fire. Tempered glass, now found in many patio doors and windows, means less chance of an injury should one break.

Size: On average, a home built today has 700 more square feet of living space than one built 20 years ago. This means more windows, closet space, spacious garages, larger kitchens and more bathrooms.

Value: Over time, homes appreciate in value, providing a source of funds for education, consumer goods, retirement, and more. And if the owner uses a home equity loan, the interest on the loan is tax deductible. In addition, new homes have a longer life expectancy, therefore they generally have higher appraisal and more favorable resale values than older homes.


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