Q. What is the average price per square foot?

A. At Elite Homes we have quality standards and for a custom home we start at approximately $190 per square feet and it goes up depending specifications.


Q. What is the minimum size?

A. There is no limitation in size or bedrooms, we will build most any home


Q. What style of homes can you build?

A. Any style since we are general contractors and truly Custom builders.


Q. Do you have an in-house architect?

A. No, we work with several architects and designers and try to suggest whoever matches your style and budget.


Q. Can I bring my interior designer?

A. Yes, we work with different designers and if you already have one we can invite him/her to the project.


Q. Who is helping me with the selects?

A. Elite Homes include on each project 10 hours with our selective interior designers to guide you on each decision.


Q. How many projects do you build per year?

A. Jorge Vela takes care personally of each build, so this is why Elite Homes don’t build more than 10 projects per year.


Q. If I am working with a realtor how much is he/she involved in the process?

A. At Elite Homes we love realtors, they help us grow our business, so we like them to be present at the first appointment. They will receive half of their commission at slab pour and the rest when the home is completed.


Q. How long does it take to build a custom home?

We ask for a year but occasionally can complete sooner.


Q. What are the steps to build a home?

1. Establish the budget
2. Find a lot
3. Getting pre-approved by the bank
4. Designing the plans
5. Pricing the house
6. Signing the construction agreement
7. Send plans to the bank
8. Meet with the interior designer and do the selects
9. Construction starts
10.Closing and moving in.


Q. How long has Elite Homes being building?

A. We have been building in San Antonio since 2003 and 10+ years in Mexico.


Q. Do you have a spec home?

A. Elite homes build a spec or two a year, but we don’t carry much inventory since most of our projects are specifically for our clients.


Q. Where do you build?

A. Anywhere in San Antonio, Austin, and the outskirts.